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How often do you check in?

We spend a lot of our time at work and this year has seen more remote working than ever. Remote working has been hailed as a revolution for the workplace and for some employees this is exactly how they feel about it however, for others it can add to what is already a very isolating environment.

In what felt like the blink of an eye workplace chit chat disappeared, the ability to bounce questions of each other and those light-hearted remarks to break any tension evaporated. Then just as employees started to head back to the office the directive for working from home was brought back. It is important that those face to face social interactions are replaced with something similar whether that is a quick zoom chat or a full blown Friday afternoon quiz having those interactions in the diary can support struggling employees with something to look forward to or plan towards.

Showing you care is incredibly important. Remembering milestones in an employee’s life, be that birthdays, a child starting school or just an achievement they have been working towards can make all the difference to an employee’s day. Show them that you care, ask how they are feeling and actively listening – don’t do it because social convention says you should – ask because you want to really know the answer.

And finally, don’t forget to communicate. Regularly letting employees know what is going on in the business, updating them on trading results and plans for the future help employee’s feel valued by your business. Even in the case where the business results might not be good, hiding that from employee’s only perpetuates a feeling of distrust. Employee’s will know by default how the business is performing by not sharing some of your concern and your plans for the future it will leave them feeling disengaged and undervalued. Employees are your biggest ally when they are engaged correctly and can really make or break the success of a businesses’ reputation so put the effort in and keep them informed.

These examples apply in medium to larger workplaces but also for small businesses or sole traders. Being a sole trader can be isolating as you try to navigate the business world and ever changing priorities of 2020, so if you know someone in that position reach out and offer that quick virtual coffee. Networking is such a big part of running a business and with face to face interaction discouraged having virtual meet ups in the diary can really help a business owner drive their plans forward.

Of course we all get busy and other priorities get in the way of some of what I have mentioned however by getting a good strategy in place, maintaining it is much easier. More than ever people need to support and encourage each other and ultimately isn’t managing happy and engaged employees much easier than the opposite? Get in touch with me to discuss possible employee engagement techniques and how we could support your business at or if your struggling please reach out, I would be happy to have a virtual coffee!

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