Flexible Working

With the current climate there has been a lot of focus on flexible working and what that can mean for employees. I have been fielding questions such as;

Will flexible working be the new norm for my team?
Should I disband my office in favour of retaining jobs?
Can I trust my staff to work as productively from home?
I feel isolated working from home but I have no alternative – what can I do?
I am more productive at home but my employer won’t implement a long-term strategy. What can I do?

The problem is there isn’t a right answer for everyone. Working from home might be a real negative for someone. Social isolation can be damaging to an employee’s wellbeing. But, for some the hustle and bustle of an office is even more of a distraction than working from home. It could make them less productive and lead to disengagement.

Employers are facing an even more challenging environment as they try to protect their business and look after their employees effectively.

The flexible working environment is a really difficult one for businesses to navigate but there are tools available to make it work for everyone. One of the pleasures of my job is helping businesses do this and do it effectively. A happy and engaged employee makes for a fantastic brand ambassador after all!

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