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What kind of tasks does an HR Freelancer support you with?

You might be wondering if hiring an HR freelancer is worth the cost for your business? Let me answer that for you, yes, but of course as an HR freelancer myself that is what I would say. So, to try and help you understand if the answer for you is yes let me take you through aspects of what I could support you with.

Ever heard the phrase a happy employee makes for a productive employee? There are so many ways to keep your employees engaged and finding the right one for you is incredibly important. The cost of recruitment and training is high enough without having to replace employees on a too regular basis. Clients I have worked with have wanted to engage with their employees more regularly but lack the time to dedicate to it. That is where I come in, I can produce newsletters, create and send regular employee communications, build team days to name a but a few. Essentially, I can take the admin of employee engagement on so that you can focus on your business and not worry about the back office.  

In my own business I have often come across a situation that makes me wish I could just pick up the phone and speak to an expert on the subject. Well when those HR questions arise are you sure you are giving the right and lawful answer to your employees? The employment law sector is complex and can be difficult to navigate, better to keep putting off the answer, right? No, let me help you. Whether you want to ask a quick question, be shown how to find out the answer or just sense check you are doing the right thing for your business and your employees that is where I can help. I will use my expertise to get the right answer for you, utilising all the subject matter available to me. Some things are easy to answer, others are more complex. I can take the stress off your hands and ensure you get the information you need.

Are you looking to expand your business? It can be complicated to know what policies you need to have in place to support new employees, never mind knowing how to manage a payroll system effectively. Have you already expanded your business? Are you comfortable that your business has a robust set of employee policies that both support your team and protect your business from any employee grievances? I have dealt with countless examples where managers believe they are managing employees effectively however are not aware of the pitfalls that could leave the business open for employee claims. Let me help you, I can support with writing, reviewing and implementing robust policies that align to your business strategy and drive a high performing culture.

On top of all of that I can support you with end to end recruitment, diary management, expenses, research and general office admin. There is a lot that I can cover for your business at competitive rates meaning you don’t need an unnecessary full-time employee with a light workload. Still aren’t sure whether it work for your business, get in touch and we can talk the specifics that apply to you!

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